Rani Reddy

Dr. Reddy brings over 25 years of experience with internal medicine together with compassion and great attention to detail utilizing all available tools to provide the best possible care and most effective treatment to each and every patient.

Rani is also a proud mother to her two grown sons and her daughter-in-law. She believes that family is an important part and where possible appreciates the ability to include your family members in your care.

Erica McDaniel

As the newest addition to the team at Candler Internal Medicine Erica brings a fresh perspective and over 4 years of experience as a nurse practitioner and we are all excited to have her on board as she settles in to become part of the CIM family

Qian Tang

Along with her nearly 5 years of experience Qian brings a bubbly caring energy along with the attention to detail trained into her over her several years with Candler Internal Medicine.

She is also a proud and proud mother of two young boys.